HYPERMAG cryogenic electronics

Cryogenic electronics

In order to minimize the thermal noise of electronics and bring it to absolute minimum of what is theoretically possible, we build amplifiers optimized for working at cryogenic temperatures. Our cryogenic amplifiers demonstrate world’s best performance in terms of noise. Amplifiers designed for carbon imaging cooled with liquid nitrogen to 77 K show noise figure below 0.05 dB.

Other electronic components include directional couplers and PIN diode drivers for controlling the dedicated transmit/receive switch and Q-spoiling circuits used for both the volume coils and array coils. The PIN diode driver switches from the transmit to receive state in approximately 0.4 μs and from receive to transmit in under 2 μs.

See our papers or contact us for further details on HYPERMAG activities in this field.


HYPERMAG cryogenic LNA measurement