Completed projects

Below you can browse the research projects of former PhDs and Postdocs.

Post doc Saket Patel: Investigating brain metabolism with hyperpolarized magnetic resonance


Post doc Sotirios Katsikis: Fluidics for Hyperpolarized Metabolic Magnetic Resonance


PhD student Anne Frahm: Metabolomics using dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Postdoc Arthur César Pinon: Transportable Hyperpolarized Metabolites for Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Photo Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization 

PhD student Rie Beck Hansen: Hyperpolarized Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Completed July 2019)

PhD student Tine Kliim Nydahl: Metabolic Responses to Bacterial Pathogens (Terminated July 2019)

Postdoc Andrea Capozzi: Making nuclear polarization storage possible: new photo-induced non-persistent radical species for dissolution DNP (Completed June 2019)

PhD student Mohammed Albannay: Triple resonant electromagnetic structures for polarization transfer in DNP (Completed July 2019)

PhD student Daniel Højrup Johansen: Cryogenic Single and Array Coils for Magnetic Resonance Systems (Completed  March 2019)

PhD student Ronja Malinowski: dDNP as a method to assess altered cellular metabolism in vitro (Completed December 2018)

PhD student Rafael Baron: Cryogenic Receiver Array Coils for Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance (Terminated December 2018)

Postdoc Juan Diego Sánchez: Highly efficient cryogenic resonators (Completed November 2018)

Postdoc Joachim Møllesøe Vinther: Dissolution-DNP-related MR-techniques (Completed October 2018)

PhD student Christian Kjeldsen: Elucidation of carbohydrate converting enzyme mechanisms using DNP-NMR (Completed February 2018)

PhD student Abubakr Eldirdiri: Early detection of response to treatment in cancer by Hyperpolarized Metabolic MR (Completed June 2017)

Postdoc Oleksandr Rybalko: Millimeter and submillimeter Waves in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signal Enhancement (Completed January 2017)

PhD student Kasper Lipsø: Novel MR contrast agent for angiography and perfusion: Hyperpolarized Water (Completed December 2016)

PhD student Mads Andersen: Prospective motion correction for MRI using EEG-equipment (Completed March 2016)