Imaging & Coils

Coils and amplifiers

Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance has a huge potential in in vivo and in vitro applications but we need to overcome significant challenges in signal acquisition.

The nature of hyperpolarization allows high acceleration of the data acquisition by parallel imaging with no or little penalty. However, the small size of the array elements and the low detection frequency of e.g. 13C and 15N, implies that noise is dominated by the coil and receiver. Cryogenic RF coils is a means to overcome this problem, but combining 1H/13C volume coils for anatomical imaging and excitation with cryogenic array receive coils for 13C poses tremendous challenges. We develop RF coils and technologies to excite the nuclei and sense the MR signal with optimal sensitivity. See the menu for topics.


Vitaliy Zhurbenko
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