DNP physics & instrumentation

Physics and instrumentation

At HYPERMAG a theoretical understanding of dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization goes hand in hand with devising new instrumentation for better studies and new breakthrough applications.

The potential of dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) is far from fully exploited due to an incomplete theoretical description. Existing models are mainly based on concepts from thermodynamics and provide little insight into the specific couplings between spins in the sample, their relaxation properties and interaction with the radiofrequency and microwave magnetic fields.

We study the relevant properties of samples for dDNP with the aim of understanding the physics and reaching unity nuclear spin polarization in minutes.

The dDNP experiment requires sophisticated instrumentation that can only be developed by an exceptionally strong engineering team spanning cryogenics, superconductivity, electromagnetics and fluid dynamics. We contemplate, develop and test new polarizer concepts to study dDNP at different magnetic fields and temperatures, optimize polarization transfer between electron spin and nuclear spins, as well as between nuclear spins.

We engineer solutions that allow integration with the applications, both in vitro cell studies, chemical reactions and in vivo in animals and patients.


Andrea Capozzi
Assistant Professor
DTU Health Tech


Per Magnus Albin Karlsson
Senior Researcher
DTU Health Tech
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