Ditte Mogensen new research assistant at HYPERMAG

Friday 15 Jun 18
by Signe Rømer Holm


Ditte Juhl Mogensen has been hired as a Research Assistant by CMR's Center of Excellence, HYPERMAG.

Ditte has previously been doing an internship at HYPERMAG. She will now join us as a Research Assistant for the next three months, where we will get the advantage of her extensive laboratory skills within mammalian cells and immunoassays, experience with NMR, and understanding of organic, medicinal, and biochemistry

She will be driving a project focused on longitudinal metabolic studies of pancreatic cancer cells. The aim of the project is to characterize cell growth on microcarriers during defined oxygen conditions in a bioreactor, and to study the treatment effect of TH-302, an anticancer drug activated under hypoxia.  The effect of the treatment is evaluated by dissolution DNP and viability studies. 

The bioreactor setup gives full control of cell environment; nutrition, pH, oxygen levels, temperature. We can nurture or stress living cells and follow the effect through their metabolic response, with a level of detail not achieved by other non-invasive methods. This is highly relevant for biochemical investigations in many research fields. An example is assessment of the efficacy of anti-cancer agents like the above mentioned TH-302. 

Ditte holds a BSc. Eng. for DTU in Biotechnology, and a MSc. Eng. in Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering. Her Master’s thesis dealt with assay development for early detection of renal fibrosis. During her master she has contributed to the development of a new renal fibroblast cell model, which can be applied to screening of future anti-fibrotic drugs. Furthermore, Ditte has participated in the optimization and validation of several ELISAs and has experience with diverse spectroscopic techniques such as NMR. 


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