Axel Morgenstjerne new employee at HYPERMAG

Monday 04 Jun 18
by Signe Rømer Holm


Axel Morgenstjerne
DTU Health Tech
Axel Morgenstjerne has been hired part-time as a Consultant at Center for Magnetic Resonance's Center of Excellence, HYPERMAG.

Axel is a specialist in LabVIEW, and joins the team working on polarizer development for HYPERMAG's world-leading facilities.

20 years ago, following his PhD, Axel was employed by Swedish firm Nycomed Innovation AB, involved in construction and test of experimental hardware and doing LabVIEW programming for cryogenic experiments with magnetic hyperpolarization and physical-chemical process automation. Some of the Nycomed instruments are part of the HYPERMAG lab today, and some still run partly on his LabVIEW programming from back then.

Axel is heavily involved in the development of a new generation polarizer, designed by HYPERMAG Group Leader, Professor Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen. Our lab now has a prototype that magnetizes better and faster without using helium. It can reach minus 272 degrees Celsius without using liquid helium simply by employing a cooling unit. It operates at the highest magnetic field yet seen—up to ten Tesla—and can be integrated directly with an MRI scanner.

Axel has a PhD degree from DTU in Electrophysics - Electron Spin Resonance in Polypyrrole. When not at DTU, he is a Lead Software Engineer at Haldor Topsoe A/S, focusing on automation and supervision of catalyst and fuel cell research.

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