Educational videos on MRI: 100,000 YouTube views

Thursday 09 Jul 15


Lars G. Hanson
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 36 86

Since their release in 2011, there has been approximately 500 weekly views of Lars G. Hanson's educational YouTube videos on MRI techniques. The total viewing time now amounts to more than four full months (time well spent, of course...).

Thanks goes to the numerous people who promoted the written material, videos and free software demonstrated in the videos.

The most popular of the videos concerns simulation of Compass Magnetic Resonance - a simple phenomenon similar to nuclear and electron magnetic resonance. This constitutes Day 1 of MR education.

The software was recently re-implemented for modern browsers and devices. It is currently being tested (feedback, please), and will soon be available as app also.

Four videos demonstrating the much more advanced Bloch Simulator were seen almost as many times.

There are more simulators worth being aware of, of course. Some of these are referenced at the links above, e.g. the impressive JEMRIS simulator that playes main roles in the ESMRMB Lectures on MRI simulation going far beyond education (co-organized by Lars in Bonn 2013 and Copenhagen 2015).

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