HYPERMAG on DNP Summer School 2016

Monday 29 Aug 16
by Signe Rømer Holm


Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 18


Joachim Møllesøe Vinther
Special consultant / Research engineer
DTU Health Tech


Christian Kjeldsen
DTU Chemistry


Andrea Capozzi
DTU Health Tech
DNP researchers from all around the world gathered as HYPERMAG Center Leader Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen and team members Ronja Malinowski, Christian Kjeldsen, Andreas Boeg, Andrea Capozzi and Joachim Vinther Møllesøe joined 35 others at Summer School on The Principles of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Tramelan, Switzerland on 22-26 August 2016

The Summer School was arranged by École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne (Paul Scherrer Institute) and GE Healthcare. Main lecturer was Professor Tom Wenckebach who taught DNP at the theoretical level.

""Being lectured by one of the fathers to the field of DNP research was a true privilege""
Joachim Møllesøe Vinther, Postdoc

The HYPERMAG PhDs and Postdocs found the classes and discussions on theoretical physics and quantum mechanics stimulating and enjoyed the chance for international network as well as the beautiful venue. During a poster session, PhD Student Ronja Malinowski presented her ongoing work on substrates for in vivo and in vitro hyperpolarized metabolic magnetic resonance and their uses for a deeper understanding of the biochemistry of for instance diabetes.

Postdoc Joachim Møllesøe Vinther remarks, " It was a true pleasure to attend Tom Wenckebach’s lectures on DNP – being lectured by one of the fathers to the field of DNP research was a true privilege. Moreover, he is a gifted talker and my daily work definitely benefits from the deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind DNP".

Center Leader Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen contributed as guest lecturer with a class on dissolution DNP. ”We need to educate the talent of the future. I was thrilled to give a talk on Dissolution DNP and to add application perspectives to the theory taught in the summer school, for instance the clinical Metabolic Magnetic Resonance studies that the HYPERMAG center is a central part of. Thank you to EPFL and GE Healthcare for arranging the week”.


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