External research stay at Texas A&M University

Wednesday 30 May 18


Susanne Mossin
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
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Magnus Karlsson
Senior Researcher
DTU Health Tech
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HYPERMAG PhD student Andreas Boeg is currently abroad on an external research mission at Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry.

Andreas Boeg will be staying at the Chemistry Department of Texas Agriculture and Engineering University from March to end July.

Andreas has joined the group of Professor Christian Hilty. The group's main scientific focus is developing and applying magnetic resonance techniques for the investigation of rapid processes and molecular dynamics. 

Andreas is working on direct detection of chemical intermediates, aiming to establish dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a new analytical tool for inorganic and catalytic chemistry.

Christian Hilty's group is one of the few groups with a dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization setup similar to that of HYPERMAG. The Hilty facility has the added benefit of a fast transfer system which is especially useful for Andreas' study of chemical reactions of substrates with short T1s.

Andreas' main focus during his stay is on following inorganic chemical reactions and detecting intermediates with dDNP, especially hydrogenation interactions using various Shrock-Osborne type catalysts.

Click on the video below to get a tour of the Hilty lab and a special facility feature which is crucial to Andreas' research efforts.

Video from Texas facilities

Join HYPERMAG PhD student Andreas on a tour of the Hilty lab and a demonstration of the group's fast transfer system for dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization.

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