New postdoc in Realtime Dose Control for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

Monday 17 Feb 20


Fang Cao
DTU Health Tech
Fang Cao has joined Center for Magnetic Resonance. 

Fang comes to DTU from a postdoc position at French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA). She did her PhD thesis in signal and information processing at Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

At DTU, Fang will join Assoc Prof Axel Thielscher's team that develops advanced biophysical methods for transcranial brain stimulation and recording of neural activity.

Fang will be part of the Precision-BCT project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark's Grand Solutions program, which aims to establish novel ways for personalized brain stimulation to improve the therapy of treatment-resistant depression. She will focus on development and implementation of new methods for volume conductor modelling from MR images and fast forward solvers to estimate the electric field induced by non-invasive brain stimulation methods in real-time. 

The project is a collaboration with Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Hvidovre Hospital, the Mental Health Centre Glostrup, MagVenture A/S and Localite GmbH.

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