Dissolution DNP Course in November 2017 at HYPERMAG

Friday 10 Feb 17
by Signe Rømer Holm
13-17 November 2017 HYPERMAG hosts a PhD level course on Principles and Applications of Dissolution DNP.

The course will be held at the HYPERMAG facilities at Technical University of Denmark and features lectures from experts in the field, hands-on exercises, parallel sessions, and small group discussions.

Read more about the course and download course flyer here

Invited lecturers

  • Arnaud Comment (UK) is a Group Leader at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. His main research field is development of hyperpolarization techniques based on dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) for magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in particular for biomedical applications. His research is focused on three main axes: Methodology in DNP, including DNP-related hardware developments, methods to increase the solid-state and the liquid-state nuclear spin polarization in molecules of interest, the design and implementation of new agents for hyperpolarizing biomolecules, and the conception and test of in vivo and in vitro protocols for biomedical application.
  • Matthew Merritt (US) is an Associate Professor at University of Florida, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  His main research focus is understanding intermediary metabolism in mammalian systems, among other approaches by real time analysis of metabolic flux using hyperpolarized metabolic contrast agents to observe enzyme kinetics directly in functioning tissues.
  • Tom Wenckebach (CH) has a long track record in DNP, first as a Professor in Physics at University of Leiden, then Delft University of Technology and now affiliated to Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland. His primary research focus is DNP theory, including DNP using ground state paramagnetic centres, magnetic resonance saturation and relaxation, magnetic ordering of nuclear spins and DNP using photo-excited states.

DNP theory, relaxation theory, kinetic modelling, sample formulation, HyperSense and SPINlab, acquisition strategies, hardware and instrumentation, in vitro and in vivo applications and limitations.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of NMR/MRI. 

Registration opens in late April/early May 2017. Participation is limited to 30 participants. If you would like direct notification when registration opens, please e-mail HYPERMAG Coordinator Signe Holm.

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