Talk and posters at EUROMAR 2017

Monday 10 Jul 17
by Signe Rømer Holm

Sean Bowen on cryogen free dDNP

HYPERMAG and Center for Magnetic Resonance were strongly represented at EUROMAR 2017 with a talk by Researcher Sean Bowen on our endeavours in cryogen free dDNP and posters disseminating the group's work.

Our researchers delivered the following presentations:

  • Sean Bowen: Multi-Field Cryogen Free Dissolution-DNP at 3.35, 6.70, and 10.05 T (talk)
  • Andrea Capozzi:
    • A narrow line UV-induced non-persistent radical in view of generating highly polarized transportable glucose solid samples (poster)
    • Preparation of Radical-Free Hyperpolarized Water using Photo-induced non-persistent Radicals on a “SpinLab-like” dissolution-DNP Polarizer (poster)
  • Joachim Møllesøe Vinther: Low RF-field strength cross polarization combined with photo-induced non-persistent radicals for clinically applicable dDNP (poster)
  • Ronja Malinowski: Probing of biochemical pathways in clonal pancreatic β–cells by quantitative dDNP of metabolite extracts (poster)
  • Andreas Boeg: dDNP as an emerging real time analytical method for catalytic reactions (poster)
  • Mohammed Albannay: Low cost, compact, two-channel NMR spectrometer for CP-DNP (poster)

The 2017 European Congress on Magnetic Resonance was held this year in Warsaw, on 2-6 July. Further information on program etc. can be found here.

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