SIGNA(TM) Premier

MRi is coming to DTU 2021

Generous funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and DTU made the purchase of a state-of-the-art 3T scanner possible 

MR scanners

We will in 2021 install a state-of-the-art clinical MR scanner, a 3T multi-nuclear GE SIGNA™ Premier, in the heart of DTU Health Technology in building 204 flanked by operation rooms for large animal research and as direct neighbor to the small animal stables. A SpinAligner polarizer will installed next to the MR scanner for hyperpolarized MR studies.

For the MR section this provides a platform for clinical translation and a strong facility to bring our expertises in metabolism, neuroimaging and image computing together. Our teaching and research will benefit from the new capability of scanning healthy human volunteers. Our hardware and software development will be boosted with the possibility for in house evaluation.

This new clinical and animal MR imaging facility will bridge and support several of our department flagships opening for cross DTU and outside world partnerships.

Through close collaborations with the leading university hospitals in Denmark, we already have access to their MR research infrastructure, e.g.

  • Siemens PET/MR with clinical General Electric polarizer (SPINlab) at Copenhagen University Hospital through our collaboration with the PET/MR Center at Rigshospitalet
  • 3T and 1.5 T clinical scanners from various vendors with Clinical General Electric polarizer (SPINlab) at Aarhus University Hospital through our collaboration with MR - Reseach Centre at Aarhus University