Courses and their correlation

Several of our courses can be taken stand-alone, the student acquiring basic knowledge about medical imaging and magnetic resonance (MR).

When combined, the courses can provide students with qualifications to work professionally with MR imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS). 

Below a chart showing the course flow towards MRI/MRS proficiency:


In addition to the courses above, we offer advanced courses for MSc students wanting further specialization. These include advanced MRI, and courses related to the research field of our HYPERMAG Center of Excellence; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Hyperpolarization and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP):


Below you can find the full list of courses that our Faculty teaches.

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
22481 Introduction to medical imaging 5 E1B
22485 Medical imaging systems 10 E2
22506 Medical magnetic resonance imaging 5 F1B
22507 Advanced magnetic resonance imaging 5 E2B
22508 Practical NMR spectroscopy: Making reactions in (bio)chemistry visible 5 June
26130 Spectroscopic methods 5 E2B
26438 NMR Spectroscopy 5 E4B
26944 Advanced NMR spectroscopy 5 January
31415 RF communication circuits 10 E2
23 JANUARY 2021